Can I apply for a Dutch mortgage?

There are no formal restrictions for non-Dutch citizens buying Dutch property or applying for a Dutch mortgage. However, there are certain circumstances in which the mortgage provider may want to look into your personal and financial situations, to consider if they might be at risk, e.g.:

  • If you are relatively new to a job
  • You are relatively new to an area
  • If you are self-employed
  • If you have a low income
  • If you have a non-EU nationality

Nowadays, mortgage interest rates in the Netherlands can be as low as 1,5 – 2,5 % based on a 10 year fixed rate, so actually some of the lowest recorded Dutch mortgage interest rates ever. In the existing financial environment, there is a possibility to fix these low Dutch mortgage interest rates up to 20 or 30 years. Approximately, you could get a loan up to five times your gross annual salary.

What kind of mortgage can I get?

In order to benefit from the low tax rates, it will be necessary to consider a mortgage, which you will starting pay off right from the start. Therefor only two main mortgage type could be considered.

Linear mortgage 
With a linear mortgage, The mortgage lender has to repay the mortgage amount in equal monthly amounts. As a result the mortgage would be fully repaid at the end of the term of loan. The gross monthly payments consists of a fixed amount of repayment and a decreasing amount of interest. After each repayment your interest amount will be lowered and as a result also your gross monthly payment. If you qualify for tax deduction, the amount that you can deduct will therefor also decrease. Your monthly payment can also change as a result of a change in your interest rate.

Annuity or repayment mortgages
Here, you will an equal amount every month, for the duration of the mortgage. This amount is divided in interest and repayment. In the beginning the gross monthly payment consists of a larger part interest and a small part repayment. Later on this will be the opposite. At the end of the term your mortgage will have been fully repaid.

If you qualify for tax deduction, your monthly payments are most low at the beginning of the term of the loan. During term of loan, the tax deduction will decrease. Due to the repayments, you’ll pay a lower amount of interest. Eventually this will result in the increase of you monthly net expenses.

What can we do for you?

Officially, a mortgage in the Netherlands, will be arranged after accepting your offer on a property. However it is very important to ensure your mortgage options. Hypotheken Utrecht offers you an independent and personal advice on mortgages. Next to this service where we calculate your most beneficial and maximum mortgage, we also can refer you to one of our real estate agents. They can help you to find yourself a perfect house.

Arranging a Mortgage
Has the offer you have made on a property been accepted by the owner? Then it is time to formalize your mortgage. Hypotheken Utrecht can help you find a mortgage which has affordable monthly payments together with favorable terms and conditions. Since Hypotheken Utrecht is completely independent, we are able to compare mortgages from almost all providers and help you find a solutions that suits your needs and plans for the future.

Day of Transfer
Before signing the purchase contract of your house, our real estate agent has sufficiently checked the agreement, provided by the selling party. Afterwards, on the day of transfer, before signing the final documents at the notary, you will have a last view, checking whether the home has been left by the seller as agreed. If so, the real estate agent will accompany you to the notary, you will sign all documents and receive the keys.
Congrats, you have bought yourself a new home!

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